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Our 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Procedure:


Step 1 – Pre-Inspection

Here, the customer shows us the areas to be cleaned and what areas are of most concern. We will go over our paperwork, have the client sign our invoice to authorize service and a Caution Form before any work can begin. We will provide an estimate for the work to be completed and explain what is to be expected upon completion.


Step 2 – Dry-Soil Removal

Your technician will use our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaner to remove as much dry soil as possible. We will vacuum under furniture as far as our vacuum will allow, this is one of the most important steps to proper carpet cleaning. Dry soil removal can mean the difference between good results & great results.


Step 3 – Furniture Moving

If the client wishes to have their furniture moved, we will move all “light furniture” and leave it on protective Styrofoam Blocks or Plastic Squares. This includes most sofas, chairs, end tables, dining chairs, night stands etc. This does not include armoires, dining tables, entertainment centers, beds or anything that cannot be easily moved by two technicians. Additional charges will apply for any heavy furniture moving.


Step 4 – Pre-Treat

This is where we pre-treat your carpet with our preferred pre-spray (detergent). Treating your carpet with our pre-spray helps to ensure an overall, uniform clean. This method is not only recommended by the IICRC but most carpet manufactures.


Step 5 – Pre-Spot

This is where we pre-spot with special solutions to increase the chances of removal  on difficult spots that have already been pre-treated.


Step 6 – Pre-Groom

We will Pre-Groom the heavily soiled or matted areas to agitate the cleaning agents into the carpet. This will help the cleaners to break down and loosen dirt, grease & oils, debris or food spots. Pre-Grooming the carpet will also separate and lift the pile of the carpet to assist when cleaning.


Step 7 – Clean & Rinse

Hot Water Extraction, better known as Steam Cleaning, is the method we use, but unlike most carpet cleaning companies, we do not use a high PH soap solution through our machine while cleaning.


Step 8 – Neutralize

We apply a neutralizing agent to leave your carpet PH balanced.


Step 9 – Post Spot Treatment

During the initial cleaning, the technician will be looking for spots that may need further treatment. This Post Spot Treatment may be anything from just re-cleaning a heavy traffic area to heavy spotting due to food, drink, plant or pet stains. If the spot was not pointed out during Pre-Inspection, the technician will show you the area and may ask if you can identify the stain to help with treatment. Although we have great success with spot treatments, it may be possible the stain cannot be removed.
**At this time, it is recommended to have professional carpet protector applied to your carpet.


Step 10 – Speed Dry

In some cases, carpet can take up to 24 hours to dry completely, Speed Drying the carpet will allow you use of your carpet in a fraction of that time. Speed Drying can also help prevent some side effects of cleaning such as:

  • Wicking- the bleeding of unseen stains from the backing of the carpet/pad to the tips of the carpet fiber
  • Moisture Wrinkles – when carpet loosens from steam cleaning causing wrinkles

Wicking is un-common and in most cases can be corrected. Moisture Wrinkles are very common and in the majority of cases will flatten out once the carpet dries, but does indicate the need for carpet stretching.


Step 11 – Post Clean Grooming

Post grooming will remove wand marks, separate fibers and raise pile of carpet for speed drying.


 Step 12 – Post Clean Inspection

The technician will walk the job with the customer ensuring complete satisfaction. If there are any questions about the process, drying times or other services we offer they can be answered at that time.



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